Our Local Councillor and Lord Provost


10th October 2019

As a Community Council we are apolitical, however, with all the recent press attention surrounding our Lord Provost and local councillor Eva Bolander, we would like to say that we have seen first hand her dedication for the Yorkhill, Kelvingrove and Finnieston area.

Whether that be through the reinstatement of Finnieston Railway Station or to our Cycling Village project. At every step Eva has been there to help bring positive change to our community.

Community Council Elections

Yokecoco Combined Logo

As per our Constitution, we have been instructed by Glasgow City Council to have an election to appoint qualified residents to our Community Council. If you are interested please follow the link below for the application which must be completed by Friday 13th September 2019 and returned to Glasgow City Council.

Yokecoco Application Form

Gilbert Street To Centurion Way


Update Gilbert Street to Centurion Way path…

The NHS have advised that  the works package is currently out to tender with responses due back in a couple of weeks. The proposal is to demolish and replace the Gilbert Street end of the wall with repairs to the remaining sections. The ground to the hospital side of the wall is to be re-graded with vegetation removal and drainage improvements. The overall height of the wall will be reduced to suit the re-graded slope.

A building warrant for the works was granted on 31 July and works are currently scheduled to start mid to late autumn, for an approximate construction period of 12 weeks.  

Works to upgrade the path and to provide lighting will be delivered by the Council as part of the City Deal funded works which are likely to start in early 2020.

These works will complement our Cycling Village proposal.