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Business Walkabout to understand your needs for our Cycle Village proposal.

Wednesday 3rd April at 10am, meet outside Sandyford Henderson Memorial Chruch, opposite Sainsbury’s on Argyle Street.

leave a comment below or email if you can attend.

You can complete our traders survey by clicking here>>


Yorkhill & Kelvingrove On-Street Parking Controls Update

Yorkhill & Kelvingrove Parking Restrictions

Update (22nd March 2019)

Many thanks to everyone who came to last nights meeting, particularly to Andrew Beglin from the City Council’s Parking team who attended. Points raised included:

  • Issues within Yorkhill for a number of years around Overnewton Square, Regent Moray St, Blantyre St, Kelvinhaugh St and Gilbert St.
  • However, within Dalnair St and closer to the former Yorkhill Hospital site these issues are less pronounced.
  • Within the Kelvingrove area all streets are affected.

The following drivers appear to be creating the situation:

  • Re-development of Kelvin Hall & Kelvingrove Museum
  • Introduction of the SSE Hydro & greater events at the Scottish Events Campus
  • Rise of events within Kelvingrove Park
  • Increased food & drink services our area offers

Whilst many supported the introduction of new controls some concerns were raised:

  • Cost for friends, family, trades & carers visiting
  • Cost for those who have to hire cars
  • Impact for those small business owners who employees travel by car and need to pay for parking
  • The increase in charges at the City Council’s car parks

Next steps, working with Parkgrove Terrace Lane Residents’ Association we have created a short survey to identify if, & what controls you would like. Please follow the link below and share this with your friends & families.

Yorkhill & Kelvingrove On-Street Parking Controls Survey

Following this we will send a report to the City Council’s Parking team in the summer with the results.

Finally, we would like to say that even if new parking controls are introduced there will still be issues, unfortunately there are no magic bullets to this.

Corunna Green Space Flat Application Appeal – REFUSED!


We are please to announce that at the meeting of the Planning Review Panel on Tuesday 19th March, the appeal by developer Nixon Blue was refused, unanimously!

The application, on a green site within a conservation area, was refused in part due to the developer failing to address the principle element i.e. the proposal was contrary to the City Development Plan to preserve the green open space for the use of the community. The site, within a conservation area was recognised, as was the detrimental nature of the proposed building to the character of the area. Opportunity to develop the site in its current use had not been given due consideration.

It is to be noted that Nixon Blue bought out the bowling club members in the full knowledge that they did not have planning permission.

G3 Growers Open Day

G3 Growers Open Day
G3 Growers will have their Spring open day on Sunday, 24th March from 12-3pm.
There is a fruit tree grafting demonstration from their Orchardist Rab Thompson, who will be visiting with Tanya, gardener from CLEAR, a scavenger hunt, digging competition and bubbles station as well as arts & crafts and seed sowing activities.
They hope to see you there!

Stricter Licensing Conditions To Curb The Impact Of HMO

Stricter HMO

Landlords are facing stricter new conditions on how they operate their property as part of an effort to curb the impact that houses of multiple occupancy (HMO) can have on communities.

The conditions, which cover cleansing issues, repairs to common property and dealing with neighbour complaints, will come into effect following a review of HMO licensing by the council’s Licensing and Regulatory Committee. The review identified many concerns linked to the presence of HMOs in neighbourhoods across the city, particularly where there are high concentrations of this type of rental property.

High levels of refuse from HMOs being left in back courts and lanes is a common complaint with a surge in bulk waste being dumped at the end of the academic year also being raised as a recurring problem. Public consultation feedback also focused on difficulties with securing support from HMO landlords for repairs and maintenance to common parts of flatted property. How to deal with noise and other anti-social behaviour was also flagged as a source of on-going disputes.

While it was found there is no legal basis for a cap on the number of HMO licences issued within Glasgow, the review reiterated that the purpose of HMO licensing is to protect public safety. The review conclude that better management of HMOs was a practical way forward.

The new conditions for HMOs will cover:- general refuse; maintenance, insurance and repairs of common areas; bulk refuse; neighbouring residents and statutory notices. All of these conditions will be incorporated into a new code of conduct, which will apply to all HMO licence holders.

As part of the new conditions, a pilot project will be operated through the cleansing service provided by the council’s Neighbourhoods and Sustainability department. The pilot will involve landlords notifying the council in advance of flats being cleared of items at the beginning or end or the academic year to ensure bulk waste is reported for collection.

You can view the full report here>>