Proposal for a Seven-Storey Building, on Protected Open Space, in a Conservation Area

Planning Reference Number: 20/01145/FUL
Last date to submit your objection: Friday 10th July

Plans have been submitted again to build flats on the former Corunna Bowling Club at St Vincent Crescent. Similar proposals were rejected twice in the past, and this time the proposal is for a seven-storey building, with 36 flats and 23 parking spaces.

This site is designated as Protected Open Space in the Glasgow City Development Plan (2017) and within the St Vincent Crescent Conservation Area. This has always been a green space, so Glasgow must protect it.

We need your help to stop this development on ‘protected’ open space by submitting an objection. Postal objections are not being accepted by Planning due to COVID-19. However, you can either:

  1. Submit your objection through the Glasgow City Council Planning Portal by clicking here >>> Please keep in mind that the limit for online responses is 2000 characters.
  2. Email your objection to but you must include your name and address on the email for them to accept it.

Please see the objection submitted on behalf of the Community Council below.

YoKeCoCo – Objection – Corunna Bowling Club

If there are two or more adults at your property, you can each make an objection. Please also share this with your friends and family to ensure we receive a high number of responses.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Alcohol and Outdoor Drinking During the Pandemic

The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has said that a review of whether “pub gardens” can reopen will take place in July. Where does that leave us with outdoor drinking in Kelvingrove park and around our local streets?

A By-Law that prohibits drinking alcohol in the street came into force in 1996 to combat violence, disorder, and underage drinking and is subject to periodic review. In 2008 the law was amended to include being in possession of an open container of alcohol.

The Council has placed signs prohibiting alcohol in Kelvingrove Park and warnings have been issued year on year by Police Scotland. However, polls undertaken last year suggest that 80% of the population agree that current measures are not effective in enforcing the Glasgow City By-Law.

Year on year there are problems with drinking, disorder and sometimes violence on our beautiful park. Now, in 2020, outdoor drinking has been exacerbated as COVID19 lockdown measures have been relaxed and local licensed bars are selling alcohol straight onto the street. People are queuing on narrow pavements outside bars and freely walking around the streets drinking alcohol. More importantly at this crucial time, social distancing is not being observed.

The Community Council are currently seeking information from both Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland to find out where we stand with both licensing for the sale of alcohol and its consumption to protect law-abiding residents and members of the public from disorder and the spread of COVID19.

First and foremost, we urge you all to keep safe!

If you have concerns you can make your voice heard by contacting:

Space for Physical Distancing

Social distancing

18th May 2020

Glasgow City Council have begun introducing new measures to create greater space for physical distancing in response to the new social distancing guidelines.

A series of temporary footpaths and cycle lanes will be introduced to create greater space for pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users.

As a Community Council we would like to suggest locations where we feel the City Council should make interventions. To help us get this right we need your suggestions and comments. Please leave your response below or email

Wishing you well through this difficult time – Covid-19

Volunteer Pic

12th April 2020

As we head into an extended period of ‘lockdown’ we would like to assure you all that we remain committed to supporting and improving areas of concern in the community.
At this time, the focus is on mitigating the spread of COVID19 amongst our community and beyond. We are all being asked to stay at home and to practice “social distancing” if it is necessary to be outside. While this is frustrating for many, it is worrying particularly for those who are unable to get shopping and medicines under these conditions.

Family, friends and neighbours have been helping those who are ‘shielding’ or in self isolation and, we have a pool of local volunteers ready and actively providing support to vulnerable and elderly members of our community with these essential requirements.

You can still volunteer. Call: 07413536011 or email: If you are isolated and require assistance, the contact details are the same We want to make sure that no-one in our community is neglected!

A host of information is also available from:


Links for help if you have been affected financially:

• Glasgow City Council
• The Scottish Government:

Details of shielding support for vulnerable people, food and medicine deliveries and other support services: and Money Talk Team, Citizens Advice Scotland. Call 0800 085 7145 or visit

On a more practical note, all this handwashing has resulted in distressed skin! NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s Dermatology team has issued some top tips for keeping hands healthy in response to COVID-19.

While it’s crucial for us all to be washing our hands more often, many will also have experienced symptoms of dermatitis such as dry, itchy skin, rashes and/or swelling. Here is some practical advice for ensuring we are able to keep hands clean – in line with national guidance – while also maintaining our hands in good condition!

• Wash hands regularly with soap, paying attention to areas between the fingers and around the nails, for 20 seconds. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
• Apply moisturiser after drying your hands. This should be fragrance-free. You might want to use a greasier moisturiser at bedtime under cotton gloves (or socks) if hands are particularly chapped.
• Avoid any wet work if your skin is very dry or splitting.
• Try to wear gloves for household chores.
• Avoid unnecessary tasks that add extra stress to the hands e.g. use of bleach, painting and decorating, gardening, car washing etc.
• Mild topical steroids can be purchased over the counter from community pharmacies which can be useful if skin itchy or inflamed. Use twice a day for a week whilst adhering to good hand care rules. Stay safe

Anderston Police Station Development

1st April 2020

Plans have been submitted for the former Police Station at the top of Finnieston Street.

The plans submitted by Westpoint Homes include 20 one bedroom, 61 two bedroom and three three-bedroom apartments with 31 car parking spaces and 108 spaces for bike storage.

The ground floor of the development will consist of six retail and food and drink outlets.

You can view the Evening Times article here>>

You can view the reGlasgow article here>>

Comments must be received by the City Council’s Planning Department, by Tuesday 28th April 2020

Further details and drawings can be obtained from the online planning portal by following the link beneath and inserting ref 20/00858/FUL

Online Planning Portal

Details on how you can make comment can be found by clicking here>>

In addition to providing your own responses, please let us know your thoughts so we can reflect these in our response. Please email

11 Minerva Way

Planning permission is being sought to erect a flatted residential development (195 units) and associated landscaping at 11 Minerva Way, currently occupied by the Nuffield Gym.

Comments must be received by the City Council’s Planning Department, by Thursday 19th March 2020

Further details and drawings can be obtained from the online planning portal by following the link beneath and inserting ref 20/00246/FUL

Online Planning Portal

Details on how you can make comment can be found by clicking here>>

In addition to providing your own responses, please let us know your thoughts so we can reflect these in our response. Please email

Should you wish to object to this development some points to consider are found below:

  • This development removes a well used recreational facility and there is no reference regarding how this proposal brings more benefit to the community.
  • This flatted development is significant in size with 195 flats and is formed of 72% two bed flats, 19% one bed flats, 9% three bed flats.
  • The ratio of flat size and their relationship to outdoor space is not proportionate to support a diverse and sustainable community and the proposal does not appear to offer a design with genuinely inclusive residency in mind.
  • The low number and location in the development of larger flats and relationship to outdoor space is not conducive to family occupancy and I don’t see reference to barrier free accommodation.
  • While the range of species for planting is quite impressive, the amenity space appears to be little more than that absolutely required and appears to present aesthetics (on paper) over practicality and function.
  • There are fewer parking spaces than flats and, extremely few visitor parking bays (only 7 disabled bays).
  • Concerns regarding sufficient electric charging points for cars
  • Concerns regarding sufficient bike storage.

You can view further details and the history of the site here>>