Argyle/Minerva St Junction Gateway

26th September 2018

As part of our Cycle Village proposal we have identified a number of ‘Gateways’. As entrances to our community, we are seeking to make public realm improvements.

The first of these Gateways is the junction of Argyle, Finnieston and Minerva Streets. Design work has begun to make this a more welcoming space. We have asked for the following to be considered:

  • Paving – the re-introduction of Caithness stone, with tactile paving for crossing points.
  • Seating – introduction of high quality stone seating.
  • Heritage feature – investigate the return of a heritage feature to signify the entrance of the St Vincent Crescent Conservation Area (possibly a street light).
  • Railings – black heritage railings for pedestrian crossing points, to complement the Victorian toilet railings.
  • Lighting – improved lighting, with the relocation of the existing street light from the centre of footway, closer to the planted boundary.
  • Gateway banner – the banner highlights the Gateway as Finnieston (illustrated by the Finnieston crane), whilst showing that Finnieston is part of our wider Community Council area which includes Kelvingrove (illustrated by the Kelvingrove museum) and Yorkhill (illustrated by the Riverside museum).
  • Segregated Cycle Lane – introduction of segregated cycle lane to enable cyclists to cross at an improved Finnieston Street crossing, thereby allowing safe access to the West City Way.

As soon as we have a design (reviewed by disability groups) we will share.

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