Scottish Power – St Vincent Crescent Depot

26th June 2019

Over the last few years we have had a great relationship with the depot manager, David. David has now moved on and has been replaced with Alistair. Our Community Council and the Residents’ Association chair are to meet Alistair and look forward to continuing to this positive relationship.

Meantime, the following is an update on the building works at the depot…

‘We have now achieved practical completion of the works within the building, however there are a few outstanding items to enable completion of the car park and the security systems.

To facilitate the last phase of the car park works, it is my intention to open our new car park to operational cars and private cars 26th June. Our commercial vehicles (large vans / lorries) will continue to use the bottom gates for both entry and exit.

You may therefore see an increased level of traffic along St Vincent Crescent to the office entrance, however I will be reminding staff of my expectation that they will drive slowly and courteously along this stretch of road, causing minimal impact on both residents and those working in the area.

It has come to my attention only in the last few minutes that there have been concerns raised about the noise levels in the yard at present. I will discuss with the contractor if anything can be done to minimise the impact and I can only apologise for any inconvenience caused. There will be surfacing works on-going until 26th June, after which I am hopeful that only minor snagging works remain and any further disruption will be minimised.’

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