11 Minerva Way

Planning permission is being sought to erect a flatted residential development (195 units) and associated landscaping at 11 Minerva Way, currently occupied by the Nuffield Gym.

Comments must be received by the City Council’s Planning Department, by Thursday 19th March 2020

Further details and drawings can be obtained from the online planning portal by following the link beneath and inserting ref 20/00246/FUL

Online Planning Portal

Details on how you can make comment can be found by clicking here>>

In addition to providing your own responses, please let us know your thoughts so we can reflect these in our response. Please email yokecoco@gmail.com

Should you wish to object to this development some points to consider are found below:

  • This development removes a well used recreational facility and there is no reference regarding how this proposal brings more benefit to the community.
  • This flatted development is significant in size with 195 flats and is formed of 72% two bed flats, 19% one bed flats, 9% three bed flats.
  • The ratio of flat size and their relationship to outdoor space is not proportionate to support a diverse and sustainable community and the proposal does not appear to offer a design with genuinely inclusive residency in mind.
  • The low number and location in the development of larger flats and relationship to outdoor space is not conducive to family occupancy and I don’t see reference to barrier free accommodation.
  • While the range of species for planting is quite impressive, the amenity space appears to be little more than that absolutely required and appears to present aesthetics (on paper) over practicality and function.
  • There are fewer parking spaces than flats and, extremely few visitor parking bays (only 7 disabled bays).
  • Concerns regarding sufficient electric charging points for cars
  • Concerns regarding sufficient bike storage.

You can view further details and the history of the site here>>

Coronavirus Help

Volunteer Pic

16th March 2020

Volunteering to help the vulnerable and elderly in our Community (Yorkhill, Kelvingrove & Finnieston)

It is anticipated that the COVID19 virus will spread over coming weeks. People who are most risk of developing severe illness are already being asked to engage in “social distancing”. Self isolation for vulnerable groups may however be inevitable and this brings other risks physically and mentally. Having essential medication, provisions as well as social contact are necessary to maintain health and well being.

A group of volunteers have already convened to support vulnerable and elderly members of our community with these essential requirements. The group is affiliated with YoKeCoCo and are looking for more volunteers to offer time and / or resource to make sure no-one in our community is neglected as a result of self isolation.

If you are already aware of / provide support to vulnerable or elderly neighbours, this is a time when more / wider support may be required.

If you wish to volunteer, please contact: 07413536011 or yokecoco@gmail.com

If you have been advised to self-isolate and require assistance, please contact: 07413536011 or yokecoco@gmail.com

In the meantime, EVERYONE is advised to follow this advice:

  • Avoid direct hand contact with your eyes, nose and mouth,
  • Maintain good hand hygiene – wash hands with soap and water after coughing, sneezing, going to the toilet and before to eating or drinking.
  • Use alcohol hand sanitiser when it is not possible to wash your hands.
  • Avoid direct contact with people with a respiratory illness and do not use personal items belonging to them such as a mobile phone
  • Covering your nose and mouth with disposable tissue when coughing or sneezing and throw used tissue way in a waste bin after use.
  • If you have symptoms including fever, dry cough and/or breathing problems not previously experienced, you should self isolate for 7days from when your symptoms started. Seek medical advice via phone or email.

Medical Advice

NHS Inform

NHS 111

Health Protection Scotland

How to wash your hands video