Airbnb Concerns?


We get many emails from residents with concerns regarding Airbnb. Here is what Glasgow City Council’s ‘City Plan’ has to say…

Meeting Housing Needs. (Supplementary Guidance)

Para 4.16(a). To protect residential amenity planning permission will not be granted for a change of use from a residential flat to short-stay accommodation within existing blocks of residential flats, resulting in a mix of mainstream residential flats and short-stay accommodation sharing a means of access.

and c) To protect residential amenity in areas where there are already a significant number of non-residential uses and/or problems of parking and traffic congestion, the change of use of properties to short-stay flats will be strongly resisted in the following Conservation Areas: Park, St. Vincent Crescent ..etc..

The full document can be viewed here>>

If you would like to report any breaches you can do this through the Planning Enforcement link below, completing the form…

Planning Enforcement

Update 22nd December 2018

The article below relates to an appeal where a flat was rented on Airbnb in its entirety and not, where a room is rented with the owner present.

The Herald article – Estate agent loses bid to lift ban on Airbnb lets

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