Footway – Argyle Street

6th March 2017

Argyle Street to be REFURBISHED!!!!

Over the last 12 months we have been in discussions with Glasgow City Council and our local Councillor, Philip Braat, to address the poor footway surface along Argyle Street.

We are delighted to announce that rather than a patching job, the following stretches of Argyle Street will be resurfaced in black tarmac with a white chipped stone.

On the south side, from Minerva Street to Haugh Road (minus that part already resurfaced from Velvet Moon to the Sainsbury’s local).

On the north side, from Kent Road to Gray Street.

The resurfacing works will begin with the southern side on Monday 1st May 2017. The first section will be from Minerva Street to Kelvinhaugh Street. The northern side will be resurfaced after an internet provider have completed their upgrade.

As part of the resurfacing program, tactile paving for the visually impaired will be provided at crossing points and dropped kerbs.

Additionally, street furniture (including redundant poles) will be rationalised and tired public litter bins replaced.

To ease litter issues we are working with local businesses and the City Council for the introduction of larger volume, public litter bins. As part of this program our community will become one of the first to trial ‘smart bin’ technology, where designated high usage bins will be chipped to send a signal to the depot when they require emptying.

We are also working towards a second tree for Argyle Street. So keep an eye out!

Update 29th August 2017

Work to refurbish the footways along Argyle Street was paused for a period of time to facilitate survey work. Refurbishment will continue from mid-Septmber. We will keep you updated.


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