January Meeting

Our next meeting will be on 16th January, at 7:00pm, in the Kelvingrove Tennis and Lawn Bowls Centre (Kelvin Way, Glasgow, G3 7TA).

Want to know who will be there and what happens?

7:00pm Welcome to our normal monthly meeting

7:10pm At the meeting we will be joined by our local Community Police Officer who provides a report on crimes in our area. Residents have an opportunity to provide information on any issue they would like the Police to focus on.

7:20pm After the Police, we discuss Planning and Licensing applications. This is your opportunity to express your views. As a statutory consultee for all planning and licensing matters we provide a written response on behalf of you, our residents. To do this we need your views. At the meeting we can also provide information on how you can respond directly to the Planning Department.

7:30pm Cleansing is up next. We know this is a troublesome area for our community and we have a separate sub-committee who work hard to keep our streets clean.

7:40pm At this point we discuss our main topics, Licensing, Gala Day preparations and the Gilbert Street to Centurion Way path update.

8:10pm Following this, we give project updates – these can be found under the Community Campaigns section of our website.

8:20pm Within our community we have four City Councillors. Our meetings provide an opportunity for you to meet them and discuss any issues you require help with.

8:40pm Then it’s over to those Residents present. We would love to hear your thoughts on how you feel we are doing. Whether there is something we should be focusing on, how you can get involved or even just for a natter, come and join us! Complimentary light refreshments are available

Minerva Street Parking Restrictions


4th December 2019

Temporary Traffic Regulation Order – Minerva Street, No Waiting and No Loading Restrictions, 13 January 2020 until 24 February 2020

Temporary restrictions which are required for Ogilvie Construction Limited developments installation of a new sewer system.

It will be necessary to restrict parking on Minerva Street, between the junction of Minerva Way and the Exhibition Train Street entrance, on both sides of the carriageway as works progress.

The Order will come into effect at 00:01 hours on Monday 13 January 2020 and remain in operation until 23:59 hours on Monday 24 February 2020.

Ogilvie Construction Limited and Class One Traffic Management, will provide advance notification to all residents and businesses affected. The restrictions will only apply as required in the vicinity of the works as indicated and local access will be maintained.