Bygone S.V.C.


An interesting article appeared in the Herald on Friday 5th August 2016. The picture shows a time before any of the current parking issues along St Vincent Crescent. As a city, Glasgow is blessed to have such architectural master pieces.

Here is the article…

“It looks so peaceful, with only one parked car, a couple of businessmen strolling along and a coalman steadily leading his cuddy.

This is St Vincent Crescent in Glasgow in 1938, one of Glasgow’s often overlooked architectural masterpieces as the houses in the crescent, designed by Alexander Kirkland in the 1850s, gently curve to match the crescent itself, unlike the starker, rigidly straight streets of the nearby city centre.

In fact Kirkland lived in one of the houses after it was built, and there are many architects who not not be seen dead in some of their constructions.

Happily the St Vincent Bowling Club in the picture still exists today. I’ve often wondered if any lady bowlers simply pay their £50 annual fees so that they can park their cars in the car park rather than pay the eight quid every time they go to see a show in the nearby Hydro.

Oh and lovely piece of trivia from the club itself. The original St Vincent was a 304AD martyr who died in a Spanish prison after being tortured – all the warders became Christians.”

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