Taxi Rank


Your Community Council, working in conjunction with Glasgow Taxis, is currently investigating the creation of a taxi rank within the Finnieston Area. Should you have any comments, please email

We have asked Glasgow City Council to consider an application proposing the taxi rank be located opposite 1014 to 1022 Argyle Street. This location is overhead the Partick to Queen Street railway line.

Please note the application has now been submitted for consultation. Any person or organisation wishing to object or support, can make their submission to the licensing department before Friday 26th August 2016.

Update (21st September 2016)

Today we submitted our proposal for a taxi rank on Argyle Street to the city’s Licensing and Regulatory Committee. Unfortunately, our application for the rank was refused. However, the committee agreed that our community does require a taxi rank and we now seek your views on alternate locations, for submission in 2017. Please share your thoughts with us at


Glasgow Taxis request for 2 Taxi Ranks within our boundary 2019

Update (19th September 2019)

Following the consultation period, the proposed rank outside of the Riverside Museum has been approved. Due to representations being received to the proposed rank at West Greenhill Place, Glasgow Taxis have withdrawn the request.

Update (30th July 2019)

Glasgow Taxi’s have submitted an application for two taxi ranks. One, outside the Riverside Museum and one, on West Greenhill Place which is at our boundary with Anderston Community Council. You can find further details here>>

Please find our response below….

Our response to 2 Taxi Stances within our boundary. August 2019

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