Yorkhill Green Spaces

2017 saw the launch of the Yorkhill Green Space Charity. Focusing on Yorkhill Park, Overnewton Square and the Cherry Tree Park (Kelvinhaugh Street), this green fingered group have been busy clearing over-grown shrubs, planting trees/bulbs and seeking the introduction of new play equipment.

The group are always looking for new volunteers, you don’t have to necessarily be green fingered, all skills are greatly appreciated.

You can follow the group on Facebook at Facebook.com/YorkhillGreenSpaces

Or email them at yorkhillgreenspaces@gmail.com


Tesco Bags For Life

29th March 2019

Folks, when you go to Tesco in Knightswood, Finnieston or Yorkhill please ask for tokens to help our friends in Yorkhill Green Spaces do their fantastic work!





3 thoughts on “Yorkhill Green Spaces

  1. Hey can we have a community garden? That could be a fun thing, and add more joint activity within the community, getting folk to work on something together.


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