Parking Issues – St Vincent Crescent

St Vincent Crescent Parking

Your Community Council in response to residents concerns is currently working in partnership with Anderston Community Council & the St Vincent Crescent, Corunna & Minerva Street Residents Association  to alleviate the serious parking issues, caused by events within the Scottish Events Campus precinct, including the SSE Hydro.

Any immediate problems with illegal or dangerous parking should be referred to Police Scotland and Glasgow City Council, though evidential photos and concerns can be sent to to help us argue for better restrictions.

Update (27th September 2018)

We have written to the head of City Parking and the City Councils Parking department to ask for enforcement of the new parking controls when events are occurring at the SSE Hydro and SEC. We have been assured parking wardens will be visible, enforcing the restrictions from Sunday 30th September 2018.

Update (10th September 2018)

The new parking controls are now live. We now need to wait 6 months to assess how successful the proposals have been. Moving forward we will investigate the cost and number of Resident Parking Permits. Your comments are always welcome, via

SVC Parking Restrictions

Update (26th July 2018)

The proposed controls have been accepted by the City Council and the earliest date for the implementation of these will be 3rd September 2018.

Update (12th April 2018)

The consultation period has now closed. As soon as we receive notification from Glasgow City Council we will update this page. Please find our letter in support of the proposed parking controls…

Our response to the Kelvingrove Parking Zone Propose Controls April 2018

Update (26th March 2018)

The consultation has now opened for the proposed controls below. please submit your response by 11th April 2018. letters can either be emailed to:

Letters can be posted to:
Mr Andy Waddell
Head of Infrastructure and Environment
Land and Environmental Services
Exchange House
231 George St, Glasgow G1 1RX

The proposals can be viewed at…

Kelvingrove Parking Zone Proposed Controls
We await feedback from affected residents before we may make our decision.

Update 5th April 2017

On 4th April 2017, residents at an open meeting of the St Vincent Crescent, Corunna and Minerva Street Residents’ Association voted to accept the proposed changes for the Kelvingrove Parking Zone. Our Community Council will now write to Glasgow City Council in support of the change.

The changes can be found beneath…

Proposed Changes for the Kelvingrove Parking Zone

Update (November 2016)

Following discussions with the St Vincent Crescent, Corunna & Minerva Street Residents’ Association, who have widely consulted with residents of the Kelvingrove Parking Zone, the Community Council has rejected this proposal and is once again seeking the reinstatement of Resident Permit Holder Parking only between 18:00 – 22:00, 7 days per week.

Further updates are to follow.

Update (May 2016)

Subsequent to our meeting with Glasgow City Council, together with Anderston Community Council and  St Vincent Crescent, Corunna and Minerva Street Residents Association, we have been informed that current council policy no longer allows for permit holder only parking. Instead, the following parking controls have been proposed by Glasgow City Council. With a review scheduled a year after implementation. To help inform our response to their proposal, we would like your thoughts on whether these proposals meet your needs. You can comment on our web page, Facebook or through email at

Elements of the proposals subject to confirmation and approval:

Extension to chargeable hours

  • It was discussed to increase the chargeable hours to 8am – midnight, Monday – Sunday.

Reduction in maximum stay limit

  •  It was discussed to reduce the maximum stay limit to 2 hours. 

Freedom of movement for permit holders throughout the affected zones

  •  It was discussed to allow permit holders for zones A, CR, K, P, SA and Y to utilise any shared use parking bay throughout these zones.

 Following discussion, It was agreed not to consider a change to the tariff, at this time.





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