Kelvingrove Parking Zone – Proposed Controls

Update 26th March 2018

The consultation has now opened for the proposed controls below. please submit your response by 11th April 2018. letters can either be emailed to:

or posted to:

Mr Andy Waddell

Head of Infrastructure and Environment

Land and Environmental Services

Exchange House

231 George St, Glasgow G1 1RX

7th March 2017

Please note the following only applies to the following Streets, St Vincent Crescent, Corunna and Minerva Streets, Minerva Way and West Greenhill Place. No other street in our area of responsibility is affected. Should any other street require similar controls please get in contact.

Subsequent to our meeting with Glasgow City Council, together with Anderston Community Council and  St Vincent Crescent, Corunna and Minerva Street Residents Association in May 2016, we have been informed that current council policy no longer allows for resident permit holder only parking. Additionally, due to the frequency of events at the Scottish Events Campus, Glasgow City Council will not introduce event night only restrictions due to the cost involved.  Instead, the following parking controls have been proposed by Glasgow City Council.

To help inform our response to their proposal, we would like your thoughts on whether these proposals meet your needs. You can comment on our web page, Facebook or through email at

Elements of the proposals subject to confirmation and approval:

Extension to chargeable hours

  • It was discussed to increase the chargeable hours to 8am – midnight, Monday – Sunday.

Reduction in maximum stay limit

  •  It was discussed to reduce the maximum stay limit to 2 hours. 

Freedom of movement for permit holders throughout the affected zones

  •  It was discussed to allow Kelvingrove permit holders for zones A, CR, K, P, SA and Y to utilise any shared use parking bay throughout these zones. However, these zones would not be allowed to park within Kelvingrove.

 Following discussion, It was agreed not to consider a change to the tariff, at this time.

We recognise the fight by residents for resident only parking on evenings between 6pm – 10pm. However, following the Scottish Government’s reporter upholding the shared space parking option in Govan it is felt this will be a long fight. In order to alleviate residents parking issues on event nights we are moving forward with the Council’s proposals and will be debating this at our meeting on Thursdays 16th March 2017. Please share your views.

With these restrictions we understand residents will have to purchase visitor parking permits. We will engage with Glasgow City Council to see if there is any scope to reduce the cost of these. However, we can not guarantee this approach will be successful.

Should these controls be accepted then a consultation period of six months will be applied by Glasgow City Council.

Update July 2017

Following a review of disabled parking bays along St Vincent Crescent a formal request for the adoption of the proposal above has been submitted to Glasgow City Council.

There was one alteration relating to:

Freedom of movement for permit holders throughout the affected zones: Kelvingrove permit holders only wish to be able to park within the Yorkhill zone.

Land Environmental Services advise the consultation will begin later this year. We will update the website once the consultation begins.


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