Corunna Bowling Club Sale?

Update 7th May 2018

The developer Nixon Blue has submitted plans for new flats. As this is a protected Green Space both in the Glasgow City Council Development Plan and the St Vincent Crescent Conservation Appraisal, we fully expect planning permission to be refused.

You can follow updates via the link beneath. It includes how to send your letter/objection to the planning department.

Corunna Bowling Club Development

29th August 2017

Over the last year there has been talk of the sale of Corunna Bowling Club and associated green space to a developer for flats.

This land is designated Green Space in Glasgow City Council’s City Plan and is also contained as a key feature in the St Vincent Crescent Conservation Appraisal. Accordingly, this land should be protected. Never the less, the developer Nixon Blue has instructed architects Jewitt and Wilkie to draw up plans for flats on the site.

On 29th August these architects are holding a pre-planning application consultation to seek the view of residents. The St Vincent Crescent, Corunna and Minerva Street Residents’ Association is leading a meeting at the Corunna Club House at 18:00 on this day. In attendance will be Sandra White MSP, all four local Councillors including the Lord Provost and Depute Lord Provost. It is hoped this will send a clear signal to both the architects and developer that this protected land will not be built on.

Recently, a separate bid has been made for the bowling club to be converted into a tennis academy. We will keep you updated.

You can follow all the latest developments on the Save Corunna Green Space website…

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Save Corunna Green Space Petition

Follow the campaign:

Public Meeting Coverage

Protest Coverage

Campaign Launch

Architect Meeting

Tennis Academy Proposal

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