Corunna Green Space – Can You Play Your Part?

1st April 2019

Last week, we heard the good news that the Local Appeal Panel unanimously upheld Glasgow Council’s decision not to allow development on the site of the former Corunna bowling green.  One of the key points made was that the site was, and remains, identified in the City Plan as Green Open Space, designated for recreational use.

SO…What Next?!? Well… that’s up to you! How would you like to see the site develop?

Many ideas have been circulating: community gardens, a flower farm, a tennis academy, a community centre, playgrounds, parks… Though the site still remains under the ownership of the developers, who may wish to consider further planning applications, Friends of Corunna Green Space feel it’s time we as a community came up with some proposals of our own as well.

To get things rolling, Friends of Corunna Green Space are planning to host a series of small-group meetings over the next few weeks, to provide a forum for some informal discussion. Each group will be limited to 8 people to allow for ease of discussion (however if there’s big demand we’ll host more groups!) Everyone welcome!

At these meetings, they’ll bring you up to speed on what has been happening locally in terms of our goals to keep the green-space green; they’ll also be asking you to share your thoughts, ideas and expertise on how we can take things forward.

If interested, please have a look at your diaries and select one of the following dates…

  • Thursday 11 April
  • Monday 15 April
  • Wednesday 17 April
  • Wednesday 24 April

Then email Gary at: to book your space. The meetings will start at 7pm and run for between 60 and 90mins. Location to be determined but will be on St Vincent Crescent.

You can view the Planning Application history here>>

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