We want all of our residents to live in a clean environment. One where visitors see the pride the local community has and therefore, are less inclined to participate in anti-social behaviours such as littering and graffiti etc.

Recently there has been a spate of graffiti. Recognising the impact this has on our community we have asked the police to prioritise the apprehension of the individual(s) concerned.

In attempt to improve the appearance of our area we are working together with BT, Royal Mail and the anti-graffiti team at Glasgow City Council.

Thanks to one resident on St Vincent Crescent, the hoardings on Corunna Street were cleaned yesterday. We appreciate the fast response by Glasgow City Council.

To help keep our area looking it’s best, it would be great if residents could report graffiti to the city council using the MyGlasgow app. Alternatively, you can report it to us on Facebook or via email at

For postboxes and telephone boxes please message the community council and we will coordinate their cleaning.

Together, we can show our community at its best!

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