Yorkhill Zone Parking Consultation

14th May 2018

Over recent months residents in the Yorkhill & Kelvingrove area have been in contact asking for changes to the parking restrictions.

As ‘Dippy’ has highlighted, our area is growing in popularity with the number of events and exhibitions increasing. As a Community Council we fully support these events as they bring vibrancy to our community, helping to support our local businesses. However, we also realise the effect they can have on our residents.

Six months ago we changed the parking restrictions in St Vincent Crescent/Minerva St/Minerva Way/Corunna St to a more stringent approach. Whilst not a perfect solution they do appear to be working. The restrictions for these streets are:

  • Monday to Sunday 8am to Midnight
  • Max stay 2 hours, no return for 1 hour

We would like to know if Yorkhill and Kelvingrove residents would like the same or a version of these parking controls.

Please note: Event Only & Resident Only restrictions are not possible.

Additionally, we can seek to introduce these controls or a version for the following streets in the Park area which fall under our responsibility:

  • Claremont Gardens
  • Woodside Place
  • Elderslie Street
  • Clifton Street
  • Newton Place
  • Somerset Place

Working with Parkgrove Terrace Lane Residents’ Association we have created a short survey to identify if, & what controls you would like. Please follow the link below to share your views. The survey will be open until 31st May 2019.

Yorkhill Zone On-Street Parking Controls Survey

Update (6th January 2020)

Following the closure of our parking control survey, we forwarded the reponses to Glasgow City Council who have stated that a report is being submitted to the Environment, Sustainability and Carbon Reduction City Policy Committee in February 2020. Our survey results will also be included in a review of the current parking zones workplan during November 2020.

Update (1st June 2019)

The survey has now closed. Many thanks to all those who completed the questionnaire. The results of the survey have been forwarded to Glasgow City Council and can be viewed below:

Yorkhill Zone Parking Controls Consultation 2019 Results

Update (22nd March 2019)

Many thanks to everyone who came to last nights meeting, particularly to Andrew Beglin from the City Council’s Parking team who attended. Points raised included:

  • Issues within Yorkhill for a number of years around Overnewton Square, Regent Moray St, Blantyre St, Kelvinhaugh St and Gilbert St.
  • However, within Dalnair St and closer to the former Yorkhill Hospital site these issues are less pronounced.
  • Within the Kelvingrove area all streets are affected.

The following drivers appear to be creating the situation:

  • Re-development of Kelvin Hall & Kelvingrove Museum
  • Introduction of the SSE Hydro & greater events at the Scottish Events Campus
  • Rise of events within Kelvingrove Park
  • Increased food & drink services our area offers

Whilst many supported the introduction of new controls some concerns were raised:

  • Cost for friends, family, trades & carers visiting
  • Cost for those who have to hire cars
  • Impact for those small business owners who employees travel by car and need to pay for parking
  • The increase in charges at the City Council’s car parks

Next steps, working with Parkgrove Terrace Lane Residents’ Association we have created a short survey to identify if, & what controls you would like. Please follow the link below to share your views. The survey will be open until 31st May 2019.

Yorkhill & Kelvingrove On-Street Parking Controls Survey

The results will be shared with Glasgow City Council’s Parking department.

Finally, we would like to remind everyone that if new controls are introduced, there will still be issues, unfortunately ,there are no magic solutions.

Here’s the Glasgow Live article highlighting our consultation and survey link.

Update (1st March 2019)

We are holding meeting to discuss the current parking controls…

Yorkhill & Kelvingrove Parking Restrictions

One thought on “Yorkhill Zone Parking Consultation

  1. Thanks for your news item concerning this matter!!! I am a resident of York hill!!! I would like to ask if you would continue to implement current parking restrictions, whilst researching future restrictions and possibilities!!!?? Could I also add a very short note to planning permission departments…..stating the amount of new builds up and around Gilbert street where I live, seem more than sufficient….and it’s just got another in progress!!!! Could you please note……I would be extremely grateful if this was the terminal point…….the infrastructure maintenance for all new builds seems excessive???!!! Thanks in advance anticipated assistance!!!!! Good luck with the campaign and all,… please have a very nice, bright, spring morning….,bye momentarily….


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