‘Smart’ Public Litter Bins


We recognise that litter in our ward is a big problem. We also recognise that the pole mounted bins are not appropriate for our busier streets. In an attempt to resolve this, we are seeking the introduction of new, free standing, large volume public litter bins. On 6th February 2017, we agreed with Glasgow City Council for these bins to be ‘chipped’ with smart technology – enabling the bin to send a signal to the depot when it is 3/4 full and requires emptying.

Today, 27th June 2018, Glasgow City Council have confirmed the first of these bins will appear on our streets in February 2019.

At this time we do not have a schedule of where the new bins will be located, however, it has been agreed we can give our thoughts on possible locations. The bins will be equipped with ‘smart’ technology as previously agreed.

Additionally, we had asked the City Council if we could have our own poster (see below) asking people to consider a cleaner Glasgow, rather than the pink ‘People Make Glasgow Cleaner’. We are pleased to announce that on 25th October 2018, Glasgow City Council has agreed to our poster being displayed on one side of each bin.

To help identify the different neighbourhoods within our community, the poster will highlight Yorkhill (as below), Finnieston or Kelvingrove.

In the meantime, if you have any ideas where these bins should be located please leave a comment below or email yokecoco@gmail.com

Update (1st March 2019)

Thanks to those who suggested locations for additional bins. From these, we have created a map to show where the most requested locations were. Please leave a comment below or email us at yokecoco@gmail.com

Some of the suggetsed locations fall outside our area of responsibility, so if you asked for a location and don’t see it on the map this will be why.

Update (22nd February 2019)

Over recent weeks the new public litter bins have been introduced, which has led to the old bins being removed. We have received a number of emails from residents asking for bins in additional locations. Glasgow City Council have some spare bins and have asked for feedback as to where these bins should be placed.

If you can have a suggestion please leave a comment below or email yokecoco@gmail.com

Update (16th January 2019)

We are pleased the new public litter bins have been delivered. If anyone has any comments on the location of individual bins please email yokecoco@gmail.com

Many thanks to everyone who has helped deliver this project, which began on 6th February 2017.

Update (1st November 2018)

Thanks to everyone who has helped to identify the boundaries of our community.

At one time, our area consisted of numerous small communities; Overnewton, Yorkhill, The Haugh, Sandyford, Kelvingrove and Finnieston. Many people still recognise these communities and we do not seek to alter their official boundaries.

To simplify our bin posters, our Community Council will focus on three areas; Yorkhill, Kelvingrove & Finnieston.

In no way are we denying Overnewton, The Haugh or Sandyford exist. They do and will continue to do so. We understand that this won’t please everyone, but would ask for your understanding.

Could we now ask people to review the updated maps below and let us know your thoughts.

Update (25th October 2018)

During February 2019 the new larger volume, ‘smart’, public litter bins will arrive on our communities streets. Working with Glasgow City Council, our posters (see above) will appear on one side of each bin.

Each poster specifies the area in which the bin is located; Yorkhill, Kelvingrove, Finnieston.

Using the map below we would like you to tell us which streets mark the beginning and end of Yorkhill, Finnieston and Kelvingrove.

Please leave your comments below…




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