Looking Out For The Neighbours

Back in September we approached the SEC/Hydro to help us achieve our ‘Five Aims’. We are pleased to announce that we have now achieved one of these.

Many thanks to the SEC/Hydro for responding to our concerns and installing signage around their site asking visitors to be considerate of their neighbours. Not only did a sign appeared at the end of the ‘red tunnel’ (on 1st December 2016) but also on the digital screens within the buildings. Additionally, the information appears on the artist/event timing info pages on their website. Recent feedback from residents suggests the signs are making difference with many guests of the campus leaving the site quietly. For some events more work will be required.

This is a good example of our two organisations working together to help resolve issues, whilst showing our intentions to move forward on the other aims.

Update (14th February 2019)

Some of the events held at the SEC/Hydro are disruptive to local residents.

Tonight is Darts Night and we are pleased to announce that following our engagement with the Scottish Events Campus management and Police Scotland that there will be 24 officers on site and the immediate surrounding areas, including Argyle Street, to police this event. Additionally, there will be mobile support and a CCTV van.

We would like to the Police Scotland and in particular the Scottish Events Campus for part funding this operation.

This is proof that as a Community when we work together, we have a voice which is listened to!

If there are other events which cause disruption please let us know and we can raise this with the SEC management and Police Scotland. You can email yokecoco@gmail.com


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