Lumsden Street, Yorkhill

We would like to see improvements to the small area of Lumsden Street which is designated as a turning space (that part of Lumsden Street adjoining Old Dumbarton Road.)

Our ideas include the removal of the bollards, new surfacing, seating, a cut through for cycle access and planting. We recognise this is a long term project however, we are seeking your views and ideas on how this space can be developed to the benefit of the community.

Please share this post to allow all residents the option to comment. To become involved or to suggest ideas please email

Please note: we are NOT proposing any alterations to the part of Lumsden Street which adjoins Overnewton Street. We are also NOT proposing to remove the turning space function.

Potential ideas could include..

For Arthur Street we have the following ideas:

Arthur street

Update (20th August 2019)

As part of our Cycling Village proposal, the public realm for Lumsden Street will be improved. A public consultation event for this street, along with others in Yorkhill, will take place on 5th September 2019 from 7pm in the Overnewton Centre. Please come along to share your views on what improvements you would like to see. You can follow the progress here>>

2 thoughts on “Lumsden Street, Yorkhill

  1. i have said before I have no idea where the information that this part of Lumsden Street was designated for pedestrians came from. This is the designated turning zone for large vehicles entering Old Dumbarton Road and Regent Moray Street and could also be used for local deliveries. The community council should be looking at a campaign against the cars who use this to avoid paying the parking charge. In Residents Parking Zones there are no double yellow lines but at all entrances notices stating that parking is only allowed in marked bays. Do the people who are using this space honestly believe it was created to allow them to evade the £700 business parking charge?


  2. I understand that this is a designated turning area and that’s grand however, as one of the bolards is missing, on a few occasions I have seen cars cutting through the space between the bollards…. This concerns me as there are several elderly and a few young children that live in Lumsden st now, although they are little just now they won’t be for long the elderly residents that use this route to go to the shops etc…. It could easily become a well known shortcut to motorists. Catching someone unawares could end in disaster. I would propose in an ideal world that we had some trees planted in the pavement that the bollards are situated. There is a real shortage of 🌲 🌲 🌲🌲🌲 in Yorkhill now. Some nice wooden planting containers would be wonderful too! Many thanks for asking. Ps if I can help in some way please let me know. Rachel Toner


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