Minerva Street Footway Upgrade

Minerva Street Double Parking

11th May 2018

Many residents who live on Minerva Street will be aware of the traffic problems associated with closing time for events at the Hydro. Problems include:

  • On-street double parking
  • Illegal idling
  • On-footway parking
  • traffic gridlock

Many of these issues arise due to the ease with which concert goers can be picked up and access the Clydeside Expressway, avoiding the traffic jams around the SEC. As a Community Council we are responding to these concerns and have asked for the footway to be widened and resurfaced to allow greater access for pedestrians/wheeled users walking to/from the Hydro, whilst at the same time narrowing the road in an attempt to stop cars double parking/idling.

We are pleased to report Glasgow City Council is to implement the following works in June 2018:

  • Widening the west footway of Minerva Street’ by an additional 1.5m, from St.Vincent Crescent to SEC rail station, which subsequently narrows the carriageway along that length.
  • The junction with Minerva Way will also be narrowed with a pedestrian/wheelchair friendly raised table across the junction.
  • Resurface the east/south footway of Minerva Street from West Greenhill Place to Argyle Street.
  • Resurface St.Vincent Crescent (southwest side) from Minerva Street to Corunna Street.
  • Additional bollards are planned for the section of footway opposite the rail station entrance to prevent overrunning/parking by vehicles.


Minerva Street Footway Upgrade

Please note: the widening of the footway does not prevent the future installation of ‘protected’ bi-directional cycle lane, as part of our Cycle Village proposal.

Update (17th January 2019)

These works have been postponed and will be incorporated within our Cycling Village proposal which we will submit to Sustrans in June 2019. Please follow our Cycling Village section for further updates.


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