Mural Trail

17th August 2018

The Yorkhill, Kelvingrove & Finnieston community has a rich and
diverse history. From the times of great houses such as Stobcross and
Kelvingrove, to the Queens Dock and its associated foundries and
boat yards, our community has undergone dramatic transformation.
Today, we have burgeoning arts scene, with numerous independent
artists collaborating and enriching the community.

Working with Gary Mackay at Yardworks, SWG3, and local grass roots
artists, we have the ambition to create our own mural trail which will
celebrate this rich tapestry and provide an opportunity for residents
and visitors alike to discover our story. An example of which is the art work on Corunna Street, created by local artist Chelsea Frew after discussions with residents.

As part of our Cycling Village proposal we propose a series
of murals linked by a street-scape in which the needs of pedestrians
and cyclists are considered a priority. You can view our proposal below…

Yokecoco Mural Trail Proposal

Update (20th September 2019)

We are delighted to have helped secure part funding (through Sustrans’ Art Roots project) for SWG3 and Yardworks, to support the new murals along the railway arches by Yorkhill Quay.  Over the coming months, as part of our Cycle Village project, we will be creating a series of new murals around Yorkhill, Kelvingrove and Finnieston. Keep an eye out!

View the Glasgow Live article here>>

View the Glasgow Westend Today article here>>

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