Wendy Shaw

Wendy - Chair

In the run up to our Gala Day (2016) we’d like to introduce some of your Community Councillors. First up is Wendy…

How did you become involved in the Community Council?
Was keen to get involved in my local community and saw that the local community council were looking for folk to join. Attended a meeting and never looked back…

In life, they say we are always learning. What have you learnt through being a Community Councillor?
That it always pays to type up minutes quickly.  Apart from that I have learnt that there is nothing as energising as an engaged community. To realise that you are living in an area where people take pride in their part of the city and genuinely want the best for it and its residents.

What can you tell us about your life outside the Community Council?
Originally from Northern Ireland, I’ve lived in this part of Glasgow for 8 years and I love it.

Where is your favourite space in our community?
I love the small park on kelvinhaugh street. It is a sun trap and a well used cut through to the station. It could, however, be so much more. It is currently neglected, abused as a dog toilet and on occasion as a drinking corner. It is also lined by bins from commercial premises that aren’t even on kelvinhaugh street. It would make me so happy to see it being cared for.

The three parks in our community are in need of some sprucing up. What is your vision for them?
My vision is that they become hubs of activity. Somewhere that the local community can gather and use. Spaces that everyone can feel safe, engaged and proud of. They are our gardens, our spaces. For that I envisage more and better play equipment/spaces for children of all ages, not just toddlers. Safe and accessible seating that does not encourage anti social behaviour. Growing areas, outdoor art, interesting planting and open space for activities and for regular gala days and community get togethers!

What are your hopes from the gala day?
That everyone has a great day (and buys raffle tickets!) and at the same time we establish a force to be reckoned with to take pride in our green spaces. I would love to see us start to build more connections within the local community and take ownership of our green spaces.

If you want people to know one thing about our Community Council what would it be?
The Community Council belongs to you.

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