Footway Resurfacing & Iron Works

3rd June 2017

In the past few weeks we have seen more improvements to the footways in our community.

We are on a mission to ensure all the footways in our area of responsibility are fully accessible. Above is a quick snap shot of Improvements around Yorkhill

It’s also great to see our request for the introduction of tactile paving at significant junctions being implemented. Thanks to Glasgow City Council for this.

We also report on an issues regarding potholes, old pole stumps or sunken man hole covers.

Should you know of other footways requiring attention then please get in touch by leaving a message beneath or emailing and we will try and have these resurfaced. We are here to help!

Update 9th October 2017

We have requested repairs to the sunken iron works covers located on the north side of Gilbert Street. This work has now been completed.

We can also confirm that the footway behind Kelvin Hall along Old Dumbarton Road will be resurfaced after April 2018.


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