Re-instate Finnieston Railway Station?

21st June 2018

Originally closed on 1st January 1917, Finnieston railway station was located opposite Lebowski’s bar, with the booking office/access located where the current ‘Hot House’ residential and Tesco development now stands.

Today, funds may be available to investigate its re-instate. We would like your views to see if this something you would like us to pursue.

With the increase in visitors to our community and Scottish Events Campus, including the SSE Hydro, a link to Queen Street railway station could be handy!

Update (5th October2018)

Today, we met with Strathclyde Passenger Transport to discuss the first steps in our journey to see whether it is possible to re-instate Finnieston Station. The meeting was informative and over the coming months we hope to secure funding for a Charrette ( a meeting of all stakeholders) to understand the transport issues and priorities of our community.

Update (12th September 2018)

Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive responses we have received for re-instating this railway station, we today met with the Lord Provost, Eva Bolander to discuss our first steps.

The station was not included in the recently revised City Plan (something our Community Council objected to) due to there being no supporting evidence for the re-opening – specifically a STAG report – Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance.

However, as the Scottish Events Campus begin to discuss expansion plans and as our community continues to attract increasing visitors – both overseas and domestic – it is increasingly clear that a station on the line into Queen Street Station, providing access to Edinburgh and the North, would be of huge benefit. We also feel the re-instatement would complement our existing Cycle Village proposal as we seek to reduce congestion and the associated pollution.

Our next steps are to ascertain whether there is sufficient space for the platforms to be reinstated, to ensure the gradient is suitable for a station, and to meet with Strathclyde Passenger Transport on 5th October 2018.

We will keep you updated.


One thought on “Re-instate Finnieston Railway Station?

  1. I agree that reinstating this station would assist the area. It is another link in assisting Glasgow being better connected.


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