River Clyde 2050 – Strategic Development

sdf river clyde 2050

25th January 2019

The City Council is running a consultation event on their River Clyde 2050 Strategic Development. For our community it is worth noting the inclusion of the Yorkhill Hospital site as strategically important, reminding us, as a community, to consider strong future links south towards the river, and not just Yorkhill.

River Clyde 2050 – Strategic Development Framework

The deadline for the consultation is 8th February 2019.

Please let us know your thoughts below or at yokecoco@gmail.com

Alternatively, you can submit your own comments directly to the consultation through the link below ( scroll to the bottom of the page)…

Glasgow City Consultation Portal

Our response to the consultation can be found below…

Yokecoco response to the River Clyde Strategic Plan 2019