Road Resurfacing

Road resurfacing

Road Resurfacing in our area:

Thanks to everyone who suggested roads in need of repair. Last Tuesday (3rd October 2017) we spent the morning with the Roads department on a walk around. Following this, here’s an update on those roads which will receive attention:

  • Old Dumbarton Road at Ferry Road/Benalder Street (300sqm of patching) – date to be confirmed.
  • Old Dumbarton Road leading onto Yorkhill Street (various sizes of patching) – date to be confirmed.
  • Bunhouse Road (patching and repair to remove steel utility duct – scheduled for the end of October.
  • Kelvinhaugh Street – lining to be completed by the end of October. In addition, we have asked for the pedestrian island outside the Sainsbury’s Local and Sandyford Church to be rebuilt. The date for this is yet to be confirmed.
  • Blantyre Street – a roads inspector will visit to assess the condition.

Hopefully this will help all our motorists and cyclists in the area.

These streets are in addition to the ones we secured in 2016-2017

Hastie Street Full Length
Derby St Sauchiehall Street to Park Grove Terrace
Carfrae Street Full Length
Yorkhill Parade Full Length

Thanks to Claire Willers who identified Berkeley Street as needing repairs. Please see the councils response…

“I can confirm that this location has been selected as part of our 2016/17 carriageway patching program. The program will commence in the coming weeks and run up until the end of the financial year.

In the meantime I will arrange for a roads inspector to assess the condition and have temporary repairs carried out if required.”

Should you have a road you would like to suggest for possible inclusion in a future resurfacing program, please get in touch. You can respond beneath or if you prefer email or Facebook/yokecoco



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