Sandyford Street Flats -Part 2

14th May 2018

In 2016 plans were submitted for student flats on Sandyford Street. These were refused in March 2017 due to an over provision of student accommodation within our area and also, due to the developer wishing to build to on protected green space.

On 22nd February 2018 a revised plan was submitted (reference 18/00301/FUL, you can view the details here) for student flats. On 11th May 2018 this application was also refused. You can view our objection letter here…

Sandyford Street Student Accomodation Planning Response

Update (14th November 2018)

Our Chair, has written to MSP Sandra White in relation to the student flats being built in Sandyford Street.

There is a Planning Bill currently going through its later stages in the Scottish Parliament and it appears that the Scottish government is still setting its face against a Community Right of Appeal, influenced by the claims of developers that it would clog up the system, leading to longer delays in getting decisions.

If every intended community appeal was sifted through the Planning Reporters’ office, to eliminate those that were not properly related to the local or other plan governing the original application, and even with the applicant given the right to be heard, this would be sufficient.

This is better than the present situation where we (the Community) have no come back and must remain silent.

Let us know your thoughts

Sandyford Street Student Flats – Our Letter to Sandra White MSP

Update (2nd November 2018)

Great letter of support to Councillor Elder (chair of the meeting which over turned the planning refusal for the Sandyford Street student flats) by Sandra White MSP Alison Thewliss – MP for Glasgow Central and Councillor Angus Millar. They too share our upset at this decision and like us, are demanding answers from the Councillor as to how and why the refusal was overturned.

On a separate note, our Community Council will be organising the replanting of plum trees which are located on the common ground by the side of this new development. If you want to lend a hand please us know.

Sandyford Street Student Flats – Sandra White MSP Letter

Update (30th October 2018)

The Local Review Committee have over turned the refusal for planning permission, granting the developer permission to proceed.

We feel this processes delivers a slap in the face to all of our communities reasonable concerns. This decision is an affront to the City Development Plan and is a green light for developers to build whatever they want in our community without respecting the views of those who live here.

We would ask all residents to write to our local councillors,  Sandra White MSP and Alison Thewliss MP to express their exasperation. At the last Council elections we were promised the concerns of communities would be listened to. How does this decision relate to that promise?

We have already begun writing our letter and will share on Facebook and our website.

This whole process is a disgrace!

We will shortly be launching a campaign to keep the remaining land available for development, open for either social or private residential developments, to ensure families can live, work and grow!

Glasgow Live Article

Update (12th October 2018)

The Local Review Committee will meet on 30th October 2018 at 11:30am to discuss the Planning Permission review of this development. The meeting will take place in a committee room situated on the second floor of the City Chambers, George Square.

The meeting will be held in public, however, neither the applicant, or their agents, or anyone who has made representations about the application will be permitted to make oral representations.

Update (26th September 2018)

The appeal for the construction of 45 student flats on Sandyford Street has been delayed whilst the City Council confirms how many student flats there are in Yorkhill. Let’s hope this appeal is rejected and the original decision upheld. There are 100 student flats coming to Gilbert Street!

Our Community does not need anymore student housing. What we need is quality housing which enables people and families to live and build their lives within our community.

It’s time for the voice of residents and those who care about our amazing community to be heard!

Glasgow Live Article

Update 11th May 2018

Planning permission has been refused.

Planning Decision Sandyford Street Student Flats May 2018