SEC/Hydro Engagement


As a city and community we are fortunate to have the Scottish Events Campus/Hydro. Whilst this has brought many benefits to our area, we recognise there are some issues requiring resolution.

With this in mind the Community Council has established five aims which we wish to pursue with the SEC/Hydro.

  1. To assist in reducing the amount of litter present within our community, we would like the SEC/Hydro to support our initiative for the introduction of larger volume free standing bins. In some streets these bins will replace the pole mounted design.
  2. We would like to work with the SEC/Hydro to help identify those events which could lead to an increase in anti social behaviour. In order to investigate the appropriate provision of the city’s Fine Enforcement Team.
  3. For those who have bought tickets, as part of the pre-concert literature, information asking visitors to respect our community, take your litter home, keep noise to a minimum. Additionally, within the venue and at the entrance to the ‘red tunnel’ signage stating repeating this message.
  4. Recognising that not all children within our community will be able to afford access to some of the events and concerts, we request the SEC/Hydro provide a small number of tickets, at certain periods through out the year for the Community Council to distribute.
  5. As a gateway to our community and the SEC/Hydro we would like investigations into the refurbishment of the ‘red tunnel’.

On the 28th September 2016, the Community Council, Glasgow City Council and representatives of the SEC/Hydro met to discuss our five aims and how we could develop a constructive relationship. The meeting was very positive and we have agreed to meet every 6 months to discuss on going issues. Keep a look out for further updates. We thank the SEC/Hydro for their positive attitude and willingness to work with the community.

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