St Vincent Crescent, Corunna & Minerva Street Residents’ Association


The St Vincent Crescent, Corunna and Minerva Street Residents’ Association has been in operation since the 1960s as both a residents’ association and action group. Early members sought to save the early Victorian buildings from demolition, gain heritage status and funding as well as foster a community for those who valued living in such a remarkable place. Some of these residents still live in this diverse and lively community and continue to contribute to the ongoing development of the area.

These streets were built on land procured from the Stobcross Estate some 170 years ago and have seen much change since they were created. St Vincent Crescent was designated as an ‘A listed building’ in December 1970 and the Conservation Area was first designated in July 1975. The Glasgow City Development Plan now also affords protection for associated green space in the area.

While members of associated residents’ committees may have changed, the principles of conservation and enhancement prevail. Residents have recently achieved charitable status for ‘Friends of St Vincent Crescent Conservation Area’ to create awareness and seek funding for solutions that best serve the community and protect Glasgow’s architectural heritage.

Residents can keep up to date by subscribing to regular email updates. To become a member, email

You can keep up to date on the Save Corunna Green Space campaign by clicking here>>

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