Our streets say a great deal about our community. We believe they should be clean, green and accessible.

For our wheeled residents we are working hard to ensure they are correctly surfaced, with smooth drop kerbs. For the visually impaired we have requested Glasgow City Council provide tactile paving at crossing points.

Our area suffers with litter, so we are working with local businesses and Glasgow City Council for the introduction of larger volume public litter bins, equipped with smart technology.

We believe our public telephones and post boxes should be clean, graffiti free and well lit. Consequently, we coordinate with BT and Royal Mail to ensure cleaning and maintenance throughout the year.

For our road users we want roads free of potholes and missing iron works covers.

Finally, we want a greener environment, where trees and plants are the norm. Working with local businesses and residents changes are afoot to make our streets bloom.

We listen to our residents concerns and we act. If you notice a pot hole in the pavement, missing iron works cover in the road, tell us. We have an excellent relationship with Glasgow City Council and can have repairs take place quickly. Email