Planning Applications & Reports

Planning Applications

The Community Council does not have responsibility for determining planning applications, but as a statutory consultee is invited to comment on all planning applications within its boundaries.

To accurately represent our residents we need your comments, so please, let us know your thoughts! To help with this, we will post planning applications here and on our Facebook page. By working together we can ensure the City Council and our Councillors are aware of your views.

Full details of all planning applications can be viewed by accessing Glasgow City Council’s Planning website: Glasgow City Council Planning Portal.

You can view the weekly planning lists for new applications and decisions by clicking below:

Weekly Planning Lists

Here there is an opportunity for you to comment directly. For high profile planning applications we will advertise these on our website and Facebook, with the reference number included. When searching for an application on the Online Planning portal, use the associated reference number.

For information on how to comment on planning applications please click here>>

When commenting on a development make reference to the City Development Plan and where applicable, the relevant Conservation Area Appraisal:

City Development Plan – 29th March 2017

Conservation Area Appraisals

If you would like to report any planning breaches you can do this through the Planning Enforcement link below, completing the form…

Planning Enforcement

For details on those planning applications considered by the Community Council please see the relevant year. Large scale planning applications will be highlighted here.

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