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Cycling Village Proposal

Our Vision

Our vision for Yorkhill, Kelvingrove and Finnieston is that our streets will be a safe and attractive place for visitors and residents to discover and enjoy; where the needs of pedestrians and cyclists are considered a priority, where people are able to move around easily between their homes, transport hubs, community facilities and local businesses.

We strongly believe our residents and visitors should be able to access all of our services and attractions, through a series of connected, protected cycle lanes, which link to the national infrastructure.

To achieve this vision, we are pursuing ways to improve our streetscapes with safer junctions and crossing points, to provide cycling facilities (including connections to promoted cycle routes), to assist navigation, to enhance our architectural heritage, and to introduce green elements to our local environment.

What we’ve achieved already

Working with Sustrans Scotland and Glasgow City Council, our efforts have already resulted in:

  • Improvements to a number of roads and footways, making them safer for pedestrians and novice cyclists
  • A signage audit has been conducted with a view to improving directional signage
  • Recently installed in our community are 2 new Nextbike stations, bringing the total number to 5
  • The installation of a number of cycle stands for secure parking
  • Two on-street bike pumps have been funded by The Climate Challenge Fund and Bike for Good

How we will work to achieve the projects aims


We will be

  • Inclusive (with everyone, for everyone)
  • Innovative
  • Locally focused
  • Aspirational (thinking big and aiming for the best quality)
  • Friendly and approachable
  • Flexible (responsive to change and new ideas)
  • Solution-focused (open to different ways of achieving our aims)


  • A safe, pleasant, green environment
  • An area that’s easy to move around on foot, by bike, with kids, with a buggy, with mobility or sensual impairment.
  • Retention of adequate parking provision
  • Connection to the National Cycle Network and public transport
  • A legible environment – signs and maps that are easy to use
  • Improved infrastructure for walking and cycling (incl. better surfaces, tailored segregation where appropriate, dropped kerbs or crossings, traffic management measures, public bike pumps and bike storage)
  • Supporting local businesses by attracting customers into the area – creating a ‘destination’
  • Celebrating and enhancing the area’s built and natural heritage
  • Improved cycle storage options

Cycling Village time line:

  • All information relating to Stage 1 has been submitted to Sustans Scotland on Friday 26th April 2019
  • The bid will be presented to the Sustrans Scotland judging panel in Edinburgh on 7th June 2019
  • Notification of the outcome is expected by the end of July 2019
  • If selected, work to satisfy Stage 2 must be completed by December 2019
  • Only then would actual design work commence i.e. sometime in 2020

Update (25th November 2019)

Keep up to date with Stage 2 here>>

Update (31st July 2019)

We Won! Sustrans have awarded our project £6.5million which will be match funded by Glasgow City Council. In September, we will have our inception meeting with Sustrans and Glasgow City Council. Following this, we will have a clearer idea of how to proceed.

Our first project will be that section of Old Dumbarton Road between Elena’ s and Firebird. We will be holding a community comnsultation event shortly.

Update (7th June 2019)

Today, we presented our bid to the Sustrans, Places for Everyone, judging panel. We were pleased with how the presentation was received. The Transport Secretary will announce the winners by the end of July 2019.

Update (26th April 2019)

All information relating to stage 1 has been submitted to Sustrans Scotland. We will shortly display the proposal.

Cycling Village Bid Submitted

Update ( 16th January 2019)

Stage 1

A wide range of activities have occurred and are on going:

  • Volunteers have been sought to help gather and present information.
  • Questionnaires were devised to address the general population, families, students and businesses on key aspects of the proposal.
  • St Vincent Crescent, Corunna & Minerva Street Residents’ Association were consulted at their AGM on 8th October to ascertain their views on options for their streets within the proposal.
  • Bike for Good’ charity and the cycling community have been consulted.
  • All local schools, nurseries and religious institutions consulted.
  • Local Housing Associations have been informed/information requested.
  • Glasgow Tree Lovers Society consulted on input to tree planting.
  • Glasgow City Council Access Officer, together with Yorkhill and Kelvingrove Community Council have audited all 65 streets. Students from Glasgow University City Planning course have offered assistance with a ‘Street Life’ survey.
  • A focus group conducted with Glasgow Disability Alliance to assess impact and requirements for needs related to visual impairment, autism, wheeled access etc.
  • A’ buggy audit‘ and an audit of green space has been conducted.
  • An engagement exercise was conducted with local businesses.

As part of Stage 1 more in depth consideration is being given to: Conservation and Conservation Appraisal, Air Quality modelling, Mural Trail, local business improvement review for Old Dumbarton Road, impact/input from major businesses e.g. Skypark, SEC etc.

Traffic modelling and Street Trials as part of Stage 2:

£50,000 has been released by Sustrans to conduct traffic modelling across the area. This will consider potential changes and related impact across the entire area and include:

  • Traffic lighting/control of the junction of Argyle/Kelvinhaugh/Derby Street
  • One-way northbound on Derby Street (between Argyle and Sauchiehall Streets)
  • One-way southbound on Kelvingrove Street (between Argyle and Sauchiehall Streets)
  • Traffic use on Minerva Street, exit to the expressway and via West Greenhill Place

Update 17th July 2018

We are delighted to inform you that our Cycle Village proposal has been shortlisted (one of ten proposals) in Sustrans Scotland’s Places For Everyone competition.

We will now begin an extensive consultation process with local residents, businesses, cycling organisations and the wider community, to understand the needs and concerns before identifying the location of a street trial.

As the first community bid within the competitions history this is an exciting time for our community to secure high quality public realm improvements. With families and local residents being at the heart of this proposal we encourage everyone to get involved.

All information required for Stage 1 must be submitted by 26th April 2019.

You can read how the Evening Times reported this by clicking here.

Update May 2018

Glasgow City Council have submitted our Cycle Village proposal to Sustrans Scotland’s Places For Everyone competition. This competition is for those projects requiring funding in excess of £2million pounds, with a further £2 million being match funded by Glasgow City Council.


More Cycle Lanes Wanted By A Majority of Glasgow’s Residents…


Interesting article from November 2018 showing a majority of Glasgow’s residents wanting more cycle lanes in the city.

Fortunately, this is something our Cycle Village proposal will provide for Yorkhill, Kelvingrove and Finnieston

Evening Times Article – More Cycle Lanes

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